Department of Sindhi


Sindhi is an Indo-Aryan language primarily spoken in the Sindh region of Pakistan and parts of India. It boasts a rich cultural heritage and a unique script known as "Sindhi script." With influences from Persian, Arabic, and Sanskrit, Sindhi is known for its diverse linguistic history and vibrant literary tradition, making it an integral part of the Sindhi people's identity and heritage.


Impart quality education in Sindhi leterature to accumulate wealth of knowledge available in its language, history and poetry.


To provide sound knowledge of history, literature, modern literature and poetry to equip students to cop up the challenges of modern world. By providing modern knowledge students to be made self-sufficient and responsible citizen of society who love to contribute in self-less way. The acquired knowledge be used for collective good of society.


(1) The graduates can serve in different fields of interests related with their subject knowledge.

(2) The graduates will be enough prepared to serve in Schools, Colleges and at University level.

(3) The Graduates can work in Private organizations to uplift literature related projects.

(4) The graduates can avail opportunity in Media Industry.

Academic Programs Currently Offering

BS Sindhi (4 Years)

Faculty Members
Dr. Shafique Ahmed Shahani
Assistant Professor & Chairperson