ICPC stands for Information Communication Processing Center. ICPC is responsible for the three main sections Network, Software & direction of technology initiatives in support of Academics & Administration of GC University Hyderabad.

Software Section: ICPC provides software services to the University such as Email, Turntin, Microsoft Windows/Office, Custom Web Apps & Others.

Network Section: ICPC provides network services such as Camera Surveillance System, PERN Internet, Telephone Exchange System & Optical Fiber.

Technology Initiatives: ICPC provides technology based services such as SMART Classrooms, Computer Labs, Video Conference System, Computers / Laptops to the faculty & administration & other related to IT.

ICPC/MIS provides the following services:

  1. Official Email Management of Staff & Students
  2. Turnitin Services for Faculty GCUH
  3. Attendance Management
  4. Computers / IT Labs
  5. Online Education System
  6. Digital Library (HEC) Access
  7. Students / Employees ID Cards Services
  8. PERN Internet Services
  9. Security Surveillance System (Camera)
  10. Telephone Exchange System GCUH
  11. Official Website & Official Social Media Pages
  12. Graphic Designing / Photography
  13. Online Services e.g admission portal, student database, sms & others

Feel free to contact our department for the above services.

Best Regards,

Sagheer Ahmed

Additional Director ICPC

Our Team
Mr. Sagheer Ahmed
  • Designation: Add. Director ICPC
Mr. Babar Zaman
  • Designation: Assistant ICPC
Mr. Muhammad Bux
  • Designation: IT Assistant ICPC
Mr. Hafeez
  • Designation: Jr. LAN Technician ICPC
Mr. Muhammad Anwer
  • Designation: Clerk
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