ICPC/MIS is responsible for the Network, Software & direction of technology initiatives in support of Administrative & Academics of GC University Hyderabad.

ICPC/MIS provides the following services:

  1. Official Email Management of Staff & Students
  2. Turnitin Services for Faculty GCUH
  3. Attendance Management
  4. Computers / IT Labs
  5. Online Education System
  6. Digital Library (HEC) Access
  7. Students / Employees ID Cards Services
  8. PERN Internet Services
  9. Security Surveillance System (Camera)
  10. Telephone Exchange System GCUH
  11. Official Website & Official Social Media Pages
  12. Graphic Designing / Photography
  13. Online Services e.g admission portal, student database, sms & others

Feel free to contact our department for the above services.

Best Regards,

Sagheer Ahmed

Additional Director ICPC

Our Team
Mr. Sagheer Ahmed
Add. Director ICPC
Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Mughal
Deputy Director MIS
Mr. Fareed Uddin Shaikh
IT Assistant
Mr. Jiad Khan
IT Assistant
Mr. Aslam Mari
Junior Clerk
Mr. Shahab Shah
Mr. Mohsin Hussain
Graphic Designer
Mr. Furqan Danish
Jr. Lan Technician